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Ayurvedic Nutritional and Herbal Therapy and Ayurvedic Massage with Maxine Shorto in London

Are you suffering with symptoms you can no longer suppress or accept?  Has Western medicine failed to bring any lasting relief to your condition?  Do you feel that your quality of life is affected by bad digestion, and lack of energy?  Then I invite you to listen to your body and let Ayurveda be your guide.  

Ayurveda has been practised for 5000 years, it is a natural way of restoring health, and cleansing the body and mind. Using the constitutional approach, also found in Chinese medicine, and Homeopathy, it gives a  personalised framework with which to understand one's relationship to health and disease.  Health or Swasthya in Sanskrit is the process of becoming rooted in the self, Ayurveda's ancient wisdom helps us to know ourselves on a much deeper level.
Ayurveda can treat allergies, asthma, arthritis, digestive issues, diabetes chronic fatigue, autoimmune disorders, infertility,insomnia, joint and back pain, hormonal issues, skin disorders, stress and anxiety, thyroid disorders and weight issues.

Ayurvedic Massage London

Ayurvedic herbal massage involves the use of medicated oils, and pressure points to clear the channels of circulation and detoxify the body.  Pinda sweda poultices made with rice and herbs help to take away pain and stifnness in the body, and help the joints to feel lubricated and supple.  External oelation is a wonderful way to give the body a cleanse, especially in conjunction with ayurvedic herbs.  Ayurvedic Massage London strengthens the immune system by working on the circulatory, respiratory, and nervous system, and can help with headaches, arthritis, blood pressure, asthma and mental disorders.

I also use shirodhara, a copper pot that drips oil onto the forehead, to balance the pineal gland and help with anxiety and insomnia. I do treatments of one hour, or two hours. 

Please email me at to arrange an appointment at or call on 07870244923, I work from Healing Sparsh Ayurveda in Putney and April Promise Spa in Clapham. 

Ayurvedic Massage London


Ayurvedic Massage

Ayurvedic Consultation

Treatment involves identifying the doshic imbalance, and finding the root cause of the disease through looking at  symptoms.

Hormones and Fertility

Hormones & Fertility

Ayurveda can also help to get rid of these conditions, avoiding the more radical methods of treatment such as hormones, coils, or a hysterectomy.


I was experiencing high blood pressure, and tinnitus, and the doctors had advised me to take blood pressure medications. Maxine helped me to see how my diet which was drying and salty was contributing to my health issues, and she prescribed me herbs that helped me to balance my unhealthy cravings, and have a regular elimination.  After three months taking the herbs, my blood pressure went back to a normal range, and I felt more relaxed, and energised.  I highly recommend her.

Osmir Xavier, Musician

I visited Maxine with symptoms related to stress and anxiety, including wakeful sleep, restlessness, lack of energy and hormonal issues.  Maxine advised that I was Vata imbalanced and explained the subtle, dry, rough and cold Vata qualities which seemed consistent with my symptoms.  Maxine made some useful suggestions in relation to my diet and prescribed Ayurvedic herbs to be taken at particular times of day.  I found them both comforting and soothing, and even used one of them to successfully calm my nerves during a job interview.  She also offered an ayurvedic massage which was gentle, relaxing and healing.  I particularly loved the effect of the "Pinda" a warm, steamed herbal bag applied to soothe pressure points.  Maxine is a kind, gentle, knowledgeable and warm practitioner who has great life experience.  I would recommend her to anyone who might beefit form Ayurvedic medicine and its healing properties.

Emily Wyeness

My first ayurvedic experience was ten days daily right eating, cleansing and massage in India three years ago. 
This time I was doing my cleanse at home, in London, but I wanted to support it/myself with a massage.
I found Maxine Shorto at TriYoga, Chelsea; The Ayurvedic massage was such a lease for my body and soul that I just had to go once more two days later.

Anita Wales, Life Coach and Photographer


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