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Ayurvedic Treatment - Holistic, bespoke & natural

In Ayurveda the five elements that is fire, ether, water, air and earth are not abstract entities, they are literal elements that are part of the very makeup of our environment, our food, and our bodies.  

These five elements are brought to life in the conception of the doshas, which can be described as constitutions or energy centres, Vata, Pitta and Kapha.  Vata is governed by air, and ether, Pitta is governed by fire and water, and Kapha is governed by earth and water.  Each person has a dominant dosha or combination of doshas.  It is believed that when each dosha is balanced in the body the root of the disease process is cut off.

When we become ill it is not as Western medicine would have us believe simply a matter of treating a physical pathology, it is a matter of understanding the self, and learning why certain patterns of lifestyle, diet, thinking and emotions can keep us stuck in a state of low immunity and blocked prana.

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Identifying the root cause of disorder

​Treatment involves identifying the doshic imbalance, and finding the root cause of the disease through looking at  symptoms, particularly digestion which Ayurveda considers to be the essence of our wellbeing. There may be some alterations to diet, as certain foods can either be heating, or cooling, some foods can provoke too much phlegm, or aggravate skin conditions.  There are specific herbs, oils, and pastes to treat all variety of problems, including eczema, arthritis, asthma, infertility, problems with weight (trouble keeping it off, or trouble maintaining it) anxiety, depression and insomnia​

Ayurvedic Consultation London

Please email me at to arrange an appointment at or call on 07870244923, I work from Battersea, and from Tri yoga in Chelsea.  I also do online ayurveda consultations in London. You can also book for treatments at Tri yoga through this link:*&type=therapist

Ayurveda Herbal

 Ayurvedic Treatments

Diet and Nutrition

There is no such thing as an Ayurvedic diet there are only guidelines as to what food suits a particular constitution (dosha) and what foods we should avoid if our constitution is imbalanced. Some food combinations can create toxins in the body, some foods have drying qualities, or heating qualities, some can increase lethargy while some can energise. Knowing our predominant dosha and the nature of our digestion helps us to find a diet that supports our health. An ayurvedic food plan, offered in my online ayurveda consultation, can certainly benefit everyone considerably.


All my herbs are provided by the Ayurvedic Clinic in Croydon and are the highest quality, cultivated by traditional and sustainable farming practices by Sri Lankan farmers. Most importantly there are no adulterants in any of the medicines used, as is often the case with online ayurvedic products.

Ayurvedic Massage Therapies

Massage is an important part of an Ayurvedic treatment plan as it helps to prevent the build up of toxins and to rejuvenate the body. External oelation and internal oelation allows the toxins in the body to be drawn from the tissues into the gastrointestinal tract which can be eliminated with the help of purgative herbs. I use marma points which are subtle energy centres in the body where stress and toxins accumulate. By stimulating them one can increase the patients prana and immunity as well as alleviating swelling, accumulation of fluids, inflammation or internal dryness.

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